1897 Marot-Gardon 1.5 HP

Marot-Gardon was a French automobile manufacturer, between 1899 and 1904. The company, based in Corbie, began with the manufacture of racing tricycles, but by 1900 had progressed to the construction of a 4½ cv “miniature carriage”.


Initially, three-wheeled tricycles and four-wheelers were produced. In 1899 a small car appeared with a single-cylinder engine with 3 hp and a three speed gearbox. In 1900 the engine output rose to 4.5 hp. By 1901, the range consisted of a model with a front engine, 6 hp and chain drive, as well as a racing car with a built-in engine from Soncin in the rear, which made 7 hp.

A tricycle by Marot-Gardon can be viewed at the Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade. Another tricycle is at the Belgrade Automobile Museum.

Made in France in 1897

Engine: De Dion-Bouton with 137 cm³

Power: 1,5 hp

Maximal speed: 30 km/h

Car museum (Belgrade)

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