1939 Aero Type 30. White version

1939 Aero Type 30. White version

The Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile company that produced a variety of models between 1929 and 1947 by a well-known aircraft and car-body company owned by Dr. Kabes in Prague-Vysocany. Now Aero Vodochody produces aircraft only.

In 1934 the Type 30 was announced with a 998 cc 26 bhp (19 kW; 26 PS) twin-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive and all independent suspension. The car could reach 105 km/h (65 mph). The Type 30 was the most successful Aero model, and production reached 7,780 before manufacturing ended in 1940. Another 500 were produced post-war with a new radiator design but was stopped in 1947 when the company was nationalised.

One was designed by ing. Břetislavem Novotny, the author of the first cars Aero. It was a development of the existing concept with a more powerful twin-cylinder engine. The author of the second draft was Josef Bašek, leading workshops automakers Aero.

The Aero aviation factory in Vysočany has been producing cars since 1929. They were simple folk vehicles, powered by a single-cylinder (Aero 500), later two-cylinder (Aero 662, Aero 1000) two-stroke engine. In 1931, the development of a completely new, larger car began.

Two competing projects emerged. One was designed by engineer Břetislav Novotný, the author of the first Aero cars. It was a development of the existing concept with a more powerful two-cylinder engine. The author of the second proposal was Josef Bašek, head of the workshops of the Aero car company.

The car he designed featured a completely new concept based on a low platform frame and front-wheel drive; the designer Josef Voříšek was the author of the design and bodywork. Bašk’s proposal was finally approved by the company’s management. Development and secret testing of the new car continued until the spring of 1934.

The new Aero 30 car was presented at the XXIV. at the Prague Motor Show in April 1934. It was presented in roadster and two-door limousine versions. The price of the roadster was 23,500 CZK, limousines 25,800 CZK.

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