Blue Bridge – the widest bridge in St. Petersburg

The Blue Bridge is a road arch bridge across the Moyka River in the Admiralteysky District of St. Petersburg, connecting Kazansky and 2nd Admiralteysky Islands.

It is the widest (97.3 m) bridge in the city. Included in the ensemble of St. Isaac’s Square. Together with Green Bridge, Yellow Bridge and Red Bridge belongs to the list of St. Petersburg bridges with “colored” names.

The Blue Bridge spans the Moyka River and is located in front of the Mariinsky Palace and Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in city’s historic centre.

The first cast iron bridge on the site was designed in 1805 by the architect William Heste, and built in 1818.

On the descent near the bridge in 1971, according to the project of the architect V. A. Petrov, a granite pillar-foot-stock, decorated with the trident of Neptune, was installed. On the structure itself, marks are made according to the water level of the largest floods: 1824, 1903, 1924, 1955, 1967.

Upstream is the Red Bridge, below is the Lantern Bridge.

The nearest metro station (700 m) is Admiralteyskaya.

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