Batashev’s manor in Moscow

Batashev’s manor is a manor complex in central Moscow, located on Taganka, on Shviva Gorka, a vivid monument of Moscow classicism. It is situated at Yauzskaya Street, house 11, and various buildings on Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya street. The main surviving parts of the estate are the main building, two outbuildings, a church, and a manor garden. An architectural monument of federal significance.

In 1798, Ivan Rodionovich Batashev, a Russian industrialist and philanthropist, bought a plot on Tagansky Hill and decided to build a house there.

The author of the project is unknown. The architect M.P. Kiselnikov supervised the work. They also made sculptural decorations. Construction was conducted on a plot of three hectares, which was one of the largest households in what was then Moscow.

The building material was plastered brick and white stone. The main palace was decorated with an extensive six-column portico; the ground floor was rusticated. The main building was connected by two outbuildings on the sides of the main courtyard and covered galleries (not preserved today). The northern facade of the building was decorated with a loggia-risalit with large open openings.

The original interior decoration of the palace has been preserved only partially: the decor of the vestibule and the decoration of the main staircase have not been damaged. Also noteworthy is the monumental cast-iron fence with front gates on the side of Yauzskaya Street, decorated with niches, shells and figures of lions. In terms of its elegance, the fence of the estate, probably cast at the Snovedsky Batashev factory, which specialized in artistic casting, is comparable to the lattice of the St. Petersburg Summer Garden.

Today it hosts the City Clinical Hospital No. 23 (GKB named after I.V. Davydovsky).

Address: Yauzskaya street, 11. Metro: Taganskaya (ring), Taganskaya (radial), Marksistskaya.

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