Andorra will host the Sax Fest music festival

The Sax Fest will be held in Andorra from April 9 to 16. A total of around 180 participants will take part in the event, including musicians from Spain (62 participants), France (29 participants), the Netherlands (3 participants), Russia (11 participants), China (6 participants) , Taiwan (3 participants), Poland (3 participants), Portugal (6 participants), South Korea (3 participants), Japan (9 participants), Italy (5 participants), Belgium (7 participants), as well as musicians from Thailand, Colombia, Hong Kong, Germany, Lebanon, Austria, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Lithuania and Switzerland.

At the same time, it seems that not all Russians will be able to come to Andorra due to a sharp rising airfare prices, commented the main organizer of the event, saxophonist Efrem Roсa.

The first prize is a scholarship of 3,000 euros and a SELMER PARIS Supreme alto saxophone.

The members of the jury: Valentine Michaud (Switzerland), Asya Fateyeva (Russia, Crimea), Makoto Hondo (Japan), Simon Diricq (Belgium), Rob Buckland (Great Britain), Anna Puig (Spain, Catalonia), Thomas Jerez ( Spain), Claude Delange (France), Nikita Zimin (Russia), Mariano Garcia (Spain), Nacho Gascon (Spain), David Vincent (France) and Arno Bornkamp (Denmark).

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