Andorra is on its way to becoming an unattractive place to live

The prices of raw materials and commodities are expected to continue to rise. This was stated by the Association of Consumers and Users of Andorra. According to them, the Government of Andorra does not intend to take measures to mitigate the consequences of the rise. So, soon the Principality may become an unattractive place for living.

The March consumer price index (CPI) rose to 4.8%. This is the highest figure in the Principality since 2008.

Luis Ferreira, President of the Association of Consumers and Users of Andorra, proposed to the executive authorities such measures as the temporary abolition of the environmental tax or part of taxes on hydrocarbons in order to reduce price increases. But he assumes that the country is losing its appeal, according to Andorradifusio (TV channel of Andorra).

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