Andorra decided to extend for one more week the measures against COVID-19 that limit groups and social activities

Last Friday, 2nd October the Minister of Health of Andorra (Pyrenees), Martínez Benazet, explained during his press conference, that the Government has decided to extend for one more week the measures decreed fifteen days ago to strengthen prevention against COVID-19 that limit family groups and also social activities.

The decision was made after updating the epidemiological indices and finding that the reproduction, R. rate “continues to fall, but is still at 1.02.” In this way, he indicated that the trend is improving, but that work must continue to reduce it further.

The hospital has reduced the number of visits allowed to most patients. The new visiting hours are from 12h – 15h and from 18h – 21h. The concept of patients being accompanied in their rooms by a family member has been eliminated. Companions, including overnight stays, are only permitted in the case of underage or disabled patients.

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