About 200 people took part in the march of silence against the construction of the Grifols biolaboratory in Andorra

The project to create a private Immunology Research Center in Ordino BSL3, which the multinational pharmaceutical company Grifols will manage, is causing more resonance. The Research Center is going to be built in Ordino, which is the only parish that UNESCO declared as a biosphere reserve in Andorra (Pyrenees).

Citizens who are away from any political movement are concerned about the security and implications of this project for Andorra.

The laboratory they want to build in Andorra has considerable risks for public health, said Elisa Muxella Molins, President of the Human Rights Institute.

The biosphere reserve is a territory to harmonize and preserve biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through the connection of man with nature. We are talking about the creation of the first laboratory level P3 in the biosphere reserve.

The laboratory they want to build in Andorra is the P3 level and therefore this project has considerable risks for public health, given that it can work with pathogenic microorganisms such as the AIDS virus and the hepatitis B virus.

Today Andorra doesn’t even have criteria for the control and processing of this type of waste.

Grifols, S.A. is a Spanish multinational pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer. Principally a producer of blood plasma–based products, a field in which it is the European leader and largest worldwide, the company also supplies devices, instruments, and reagents for clinical testing laboratories.

Headquarters: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Photos: Valery Mostakov

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