Tuchkov Bridge in St. Petersburg

Tuchkov Bridge is a road metal drawbridge across the Malaya Neva in St. Petersburg, connecting the Vasilyevsky island with Petrogradsky district.

The total length of the bridge is 226.2 m (216 m between the granite abutments), and the width between the railings is 36 m (of which the width of the carriageway is 28 m and two sidewalks of 2.75 m each).

Upstream is the Exchange Bridge, below is the Betancourt Bridge.

The nearest metro station is Sportivnaya. On May 27, 2015, the second exit from the metro station was opened, located on the Makarov embankment at the entrance to the bridge.

The first wooden bridge built in 1758 on this site was called Nikolsky, after the Nikolsky aisle of the Prince Vladimir Cathedral. Subsequently, the bridge began to be called Tuchkov by the name of the merchant Abraham Tuchkov, the owner of the warehouses, at whose expense the bridge was built.

The Tuchkov Most tanker, built at the Admiralty Shipyards plant and launched on December 5, 2003, was named after the bridge. It is part of the series of tankers named after famous St. Petersburg bridges.

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