Exchange Bridge in St. Petersburg

The Exchange Bridge (Birzhevoy Bridge) (from 1922 to 1989 – the Builders Bridge) is a road metal drawbridge across the Malaya Neva in St. Petersburg. It connects the Vasilevsky and Petrogradsky islands. The bridge gives completeness and compositional balance to the ensemble of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, forming a single architectural ensemble with the Palace Bridge.

The first bridge was built in 1893-1894, becoming one of the last large wooden drawbridges built in St. Petersburg before 1917. In 1957-1960, the existing five-span metal arch bridge was built.

In 2021, the bridge is closed for major repairs, which are scheduled to be completed by May 2023.

The bridge consists of five steel welded superstructures. The span lengths are symmetrical and are 37 m + 43.5 m + 53 m + 43.5 m + 37 m. The central span is a two-winged drawbridge.

The total length of the bridge is 239 m, the width between the railings is 27 m, the width of the carriageway is 21 m. Reinforced concrete pillars are lined with granite. A cast-iron grate is installed on the bridge, the pattern of which consists of short spears and darts and the symbol of the sea port city – the trident of Neptune, mounted in double cast-iron pedestals.

Downstream is the Tuchkov Bridge, Betancourt Bridge and the Bridge across the Petrovsky fairway.

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