Theatrical museum named after A. A. Bakhrushin

The state central theatrical museum is named after A. A. Bakhrushin (abbreviated by the GCTM named after A. A. Bakhrushin, Bakhrushinsky Museum, the former Literary and Theater Museum of the Imperial Academy of Sciences). It is a theater museum in Moscow, founded in 1894 by a famous Russian merchant, patron and philanthropist, Alexei Alexandrovich Bakhrushin.

The main office is located on Garden Ring on Paveletskaya Square.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia characterizes it as the largest theater museum in the world.

In search of exhibits, Alexei Alexandrovich Bakhrushin made long trips around Russia, from which he brought theatrical rarities and works of folk art, furniture, and old Russian costumes.

When he was abroad, Aleksey Alexandrovich indeed went around antique shops. At the beginning of the XX century, he undertook three special trips to replenish sections on the history of the Western European theater. From abroad, he brought the personal belongings of the French actress Mars, a collection of masks from the Italian comedy theater, and many rare musical instruments.

The museum’s foundation is considered October 29 (November 10), 1894, when Bakhrushin first presented his collection to the public.

Today there are more than 1.5 million exhibits in the museum’s funds. These are sketches of costumes and scenery of outstanding masters of scenography, photographs and portraits, stage costumes of great actors, programs and posters of performances, rare publications on theatrical art, objects of arts and crafts and much more.

The museum is located in the former manor house of A. A. Bakhrushin in Zamoskvorechye, Paveletskaya Square. One-story mansion in the form of the early English Gothic, which is the main building of the museum, was built in 1896 according to the project of architect Karl Hippius.

In 1937-1938, the building was expanded and built by architect Ilya Bondarenko.

In addition to the main building, the Museum has nine branches in Moscow. These are memorial houses and apartments of prominent figures of the Russian theater:

House-Museum of A. N. Ostrovsky
House-Museum of M. S. Shchepkin
House-Museum of M. N. Ermolova
Museum-apartment of Vs.E. Meyerhold
Museum-apartment of the acting family of M. V., A. A. Mironovs – A. S. Menaker
Museum-apartment of V. N. Pluchek
Museum-apartment of G. S. Ulanova
Memorial Museum “Creative workshop of theatrical artist D. L. Borovsky”
Museum-Studio of the Radio Theater
Theater Gallery on Malaya Ordynka

Working days: Tue 10:00–19:00; Wed, Thu 10:00–21:00; Fri-Sun 10:00–19:00

Address: Bakhrushina street, 31/12с1, Moscow

Nearest metro: Paveletskaya, Dobryninskaya

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