Paveletskaya Square

Paveletskaya Square is a square in the center of Moscow on the Garden Ring near the Paveletsky railway station. It is located in the Zamoskvorechye district.

From 1922-1941, it was called Saratovskaya Square; from 1941 to 1992 – Leninskaya Square. In 1992, it was named Paveletskaya Square after the Paveletsky Station, which is in front of it. At the same time, the former Leninsky passage was included in the square, limiting it from the east.

Paveletskaya Square adjoins Zatsepsky Val on the outer side of the Garden Ring from the north. From the east, it is bounded by Kozhevnicheskaya Street, from the south by the building of Paveletsky railway station, and from the west by Dubininskaya Street. Until the 2000s, Zatsepa Street overlooked the square from the west. However, now it is separated by erected office buildings.

On the square, there are exits to the Paveletskaya-Koltsevaya metro station, Paveletskaya-Radial.

Main attractions and buildings

No. 1 and No. 1c2 – a residential seven-story building of 1925.

No. 1a – Paveletsky railway station.

No. 2, p. 1, 2-business center “Paveletskaya Plaza” (2003, architects M. Posokhin, S. Tkachenko, E. Lyakisheva, B. Claim-Borovsky); National Reserve Bank; The magazine “Reader’s Digest.”

No. 3 – underground multifunctional shopping complex “Paveletskaya Plaza” (2021, architecture of the International Bureau 5+Design).

In December 2019, the Architectural Council of Moscow approved the construction project under the area of the underground multifunctional shopping complex “Paveletskaya Plaza,” which took place on December 21, 2021. The shopping complex has an area of about 73 thousand m² and five levels, including shops, boutiques, cafes, and underground parking. On September 17, 2021, a landscape park opened on the square after many years of construction.

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