The prehistoric park in the Ariège department celebrates its 25th anniversary and is full of activities

The second most visited tourist site in the Ariège department with around 60,000 visitors in 2017, the prehistoric park of Tarascon-sur-Ariège has begun in recent years its metamorphosis to offer scientific animations through discovery and fun. The exhibition of the Giants of The Ice Age, The Prehisto’loft or the Prehisto’night are and have been all about immersing visitors in the life of our distant ancestors. And immersion allows visitors to better understand by having fun.

For this season, SESTA proposes a new art workshop: the cave of the bison! The purpose of this new site is to introduce visitors to prehistoric art in a real restored cave. By the light of oil lamps, they will rediscover the sensations of their ancestors who went underground to paint, engrave and model.

Also new, and after important work in the winter of 2017-2018, the lighting of the museum space has been completely revised, by a company of light design, in order to offer a warm, intimate setting and to improve the visitor experience. No less than 410 LEDs have been installed. Their Chromy and intensity vary according to the light setting that also makes it possible to save energy too.

The prehistoric park is open until November 4th. They are hosting many events such as heritage days (15 and 16 September) and “flowers for guns”, a show in the dark, 9,10 and 11 November (reservation is needed).

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