The cost of land in Sant Julia de Loria is about 1000 euros per sq. m, said the mayor of Sant Julia de Loria Josep Miquel Vila Bastida


The mayor of Sant Julia de Loria Josep Miquel Vila Bastida speaks to about the county’s strategic objectives, investments and development plans for the next 4 years:

“Sant Julia de Loria is the southernmost administrative region of Andorra. Here famous people including politicians, businessmen, musicians and international sportspersons traditionally prefer to buy property. And we – the city administration – want to maintain that status by developing the ‘luxury’ real estate market.

The price of a finished (built) property in this district depends on the location and type (apartment, house or chalet). Speaking of new developments, it is worth noting that we have recently completed constructing a modern residential complex with an area of 6300 sq. m. The purchase price of 1 square meter in this house is about 2000 euros.

The rent price for 1 sq m of housing in San Julia is about 10 euros.

The cost of land is about 1000 euros per sq. m plus all construction permits – an additional 200 euros per sq. m. At the moment we are offering 5 large plots in the districts of Certers (200 plots), Nagol (100 plots), Juberri (150 plots), Avinya (100 plots) and Aixirival (200 plots) for sale.

Currently, we expect that real estate prices in Sant Julia de Loria will grow. The district administration is in the process of approving the investment and financial plans for the next 4 years. Our main project is the development of Naturlandia Park. Currently Naturlandia covers an area of more than 100 hectares, and the park is divided into 2 sectors: one is located at 1600 metres above sea level; the second is at 2000 meters.

The La Rabassa sector is an ideal and probably the only place in Andorra for cross-country skiing. In addition, there are training facilities for professional cyclists, including those involved in the upcoming Tour de France competition, one stage of which will take place in Andorra. So many professional cyclists prefer only this area for training.

However, today we are talking about the creation of additional infrastructure. We mean that we must invest in the area of Sant Julia, which is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level as well as the highest point of Naturlandia park at 2500 m above sea level, simultaneously. Infrastructure development involves the construction of a lift from San Julia to Perafita Claror Prat Primer – the highest part of Naturlandia. There we will create facilities for jogging, cycling and cross-country training.

Here in San Julia, we plan to construct a large car park, alongside leisure facilities along the river for rafting and kayaking.

After the implementation of this ambitious investment plan, which costs several tens of million euros, there will be the need to construct hotels, especially luxury hotels. It’s a different opportunity for the district administration and investor-developers to collaborate over.

We are also proud to say that in our district there are 4 wineries that produce exclusive Andorran wine. From 3rd – 5th May this year, the 36th London Wine Fair took place and one of the wineries of Andorra, who produce white wine, won.

In terms of cultural events, the administration of Sant Julia is actively cooperating with the embassies of France and Spain, and also with the UK Consulate. Among the most striking cultural events that took place this and last year at the cultural Center of Sant Julia (Centre Cultural i de Congressos Lauredià), was the theatre production from Comédie-Française Georges Dandin ( Molière), as well as the staging of Hamlet (Shakespeare) theatre by the London Globe theatre”.

Andrew Winer

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