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Market basket and food cost: Spain VS Andorra

Food prices and consumer basket: Spain VS Andorra

(updated: 01.01.2020)

Water, milk, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits


Products/ Prices
Hacendado (Spain)
Eco/Marque Repère (Andorra)

Cooked ham

1,88€ (12 slices – 250g)

3,29€ (10 slices – 500g)(Eco)

Cheese Sandwich
1,00€ (200g)
1,75€ (300g) (Eco)

Olive oil
11,00€ (5L)

15,00€ (5L) (Coosur)


Orange juice
1,00€ (1L)
0,97€ (1L) (Marque …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Vladimir Voeikov on the biological foundations of the global crisis

Vladimir Leonidovich Voeikov – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Bioorganic Chemistry Department Professor, Biology Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. Research interests: water biological functions, biophotonics, biological evolution laws, physicochemical foundations of biological activity, free radical and vibrational processes in aqueous systems and their role in bioenergy.

V. L. Voeikov is a Higher Education …

Thermal waters and SPA of the Pyrenees

The Rennes-les-Bains spa resort is an ideal place to treat traumatic diseases and rheumatism

The Rennes-les-Bains spa resort is located in the Aude Upper Valley (Haute Vallée de l’Aude), Occitania region, just 13 km from Rennes-le-Château town.

The resort recognized therapeutic properties, mild climate, a large number of sunny days a year, the local residents’ hospitality – all this creates the right atmosphere for a relaxing holiday with the whole …

All Andorra news / Society

A national computer system will be created to inform citizens about the quality of drinking water in Andorra

The Government of Andorra has begun to develop a national information system dedicated to the quality of drinking water. The system is called SINACH. It provides for the creation of a unified IT support system for all administrative resources that control the quality of drinking water in the principality.

The results of the monitoring from its …

All Andorra news / Culture

The Artalroc in Escaldes-Engordany opens a new exhibition entitled “Japan, the footprint of water”

On October 23, the Artalroc in Escaldes-Engordany opens a new exhibition entitled “Japan, the footprint of water”. The 190 photographs that will be on display, most of them hand-colored, belong to the Guimet National Museum of Asian Art in Paris.

“Japan, the footprint of water” is a representative exhibition of Japan during the second half of …


Canyoning and other “sport excursions” are a great way to rediscover nature, says Victor Leveque, director of the company Extérieur-Nature

Director of Extérieur-Nature company, and a graduate of the Sports Management faculty of STAPS University (France), Victor Leveque, told about several ways to get to know the nature of the 66th region of France Pyrénées-Orientales, having unforgettable experiences and getting a fair amount of adrenaline:

“We organize many different sports events. There are activities in …