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EU goal is to unify the price of tobacco by 2020 and raise prices to an average of 10 euros per pack of cigarettes in all EU countries, reported Antoni Marti

Andorra and the European Union are in the final stage of negotiations on the free movement of goods under the agreement on the association of the Principality with the EU, reported the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra Maria Ubach (Maria Ubach) during a business breakfast with representatives of the Andorran media. The most important …

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Andorran government increases tobacco tax by 10%

The government of Andorra increases the tax rate for the group of products of tobacco, including cigarettes, by 10%. “Amendments will be considered by Parliament over the next few days”, – reports the Government of Andorra.

The purpose of the legislative changes – the alignment of the prices for tobacco with the neighboring countries in connection …

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Cigarettes and tobacco: prices in Andorra

Cigarettes and tobacco: prices in Andorra.

(updated 20.02.2018)

The prices are in euro per 10 packs box


Austin from 20.85

Benson & Hedges American Red from 28.88

B N Negre Box from 29.50

Brooklyn West from 22.90

Camel Soft from 30.28

Camel Bleu from 30.24

Chesterfield from 28.35

Chesterfield Light from 28.25

Ducados Ros from 25.15

Fortuna Red Line …