Bad habits: quitting smoking

Let us spend a moment thinking about our habits. These, as the word suggests, are aspects of our life that we usually do routinely. That is, from our first years we are integrating fundamental habits to be able to grow and interact socially. Therefore, in the course of constantly repeating an action/habit, we end up integrating different habits in our lives.

However, these habits we integrate, usually give us limited results.

People who want to make changes in their lives, do not just attain them and, or even start to change, because they don’t even bother to observe what are the habits that limit them in their personal grow. Whether it is from the lack of awareness or because they continue to cling to their standardized routine.

When we decide to take firm steps towards a change in our life, be it personal or collective, one of the important aspects is to realize or to be conscious of the process of change.

There are ideas that can start inspiring great motivation but also others that can build blocks with certain habits with predictable result. We could say that habits are like gears, if they are not carefully placed from a conscious awareness, they can cause stagnation in our existence

The vast majority of us do not pay attention to what the habits really do.

The question is: Aren’t you tired of constantly repeating habits that lead you to the same result without achieving your goals?

Every day is a rebirth, so says Buddhism, and everyday you have the opportunity to break the cycle. It is necessary to have a very clear vision of thing when we want to change a habit, to focus consciously towards a greater result and to appoint a specific time during the day to make change taking into account your true self.

To begin with, if you have a goal in mind that inspires you and you have a good sense of purpose such as quitting smoking, you have to focus on analyzing the habits that lead you to repeat the pattern you no longer want.

The moment you identify them, these will be the steps to follow:

Recognize habits, even if you cling to them, and consider what are putting limit to yourself,

Make a list of new habits and this is very important. You have to put in specific action to obtain the result you’re looking for,

Take a calendar to mark the start and an end date for your new habit. Remember that a new habit is created by a new neuronal channel and you will need at least 20 to 30 days, depending on your resistances, to completely integrate a new one. Better 20 days of struggle than a lifetime of bad habits,

Review how you integrate these new habits, the more intensely you feel, the better you integrate new habits,

Put into practice daily the new habits. It is absolutely necessary to practice what we want to transform, to have the conviction that you will achieve it, and to be determine and have discipline,

Rate the entire process! You are doing it for yourself and you have to live this process from this inner child who sees life as a game, celebrate every day the steps you are taking and reward yourself for your effort.

Enjoy your existence and your new achievements!

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