Smolny Institute and the State Historical and Memorial Museum

Smolny Institute – the building of the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens, erected in 1806-1808 in St. Petersburg (Russian Empire) according to the project of the architect of Italian origin Giacomo Quarenghi.

It is a monument of history and architecture of classicism.

The building is best known for its key role in the events of the October Revolution of 1917.

After 1991, the Smolny was used as the seat of the city mayor (governor after 1996) and city administration of Saint Petersburg. Vladimir Putin worked there from 1991 to 1997 in the administration of Anatoly Sobchak.

The Smolny Convent is located next to the Institute.

Today, this historic building is the official residence of the governor of Saint Petersburg and also houses a museum dedicated to Lenin. Visitors to the museum can tour Lenin’s office and living rooms and see the assembly hall where the victory of the October revolution was proclaimed in 1917.

State Historical and Memorial Museum “Smolny”

Phone: (812) 576-74-61, 576-77-46

Address: 193060, St. Petersburg, Smolny proezd, 1, lit. B, Smolny

Metro: Chernyshevskaya, Novocherkasskaya, Lenin Square.

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