Pyrenees’ 2030 Winter Olympics bid referendum postponed

The vote was scheduled for July 24 but no candidacy deal has been reached so far.

The government of Catalonia (Spain) has postponed the referendum on the 2030 Winter Olympics bid that was scheduled for July 24. According to government sources, they want to have a clear candidacy project before the residents in the Pyrenees can vote on whether they greenlight hosting the competition or not.

At this moment, there is no expected date for the vote. The Catalan government is waiting for the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and Catalonia’s neighboring region of Aragon to agree on the candidacy.

Residents in the Catalan counties where the Games could take place were expected to vote. A government-funded survey on May 5 found that three out of four residents are in favor of holding the 2030 Winter Olympics.

Despite postponing the referendum, the Catalan government is willing to continue with the voting process.

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