Petrovsky Fort – the B+ class business center in St. Petersburg

Petrovsky Fort is a B+ class business center in the center of St.Petersburg.

Object type: Atrium

Started year: 2001

Floors: 11

Total area: 50000 sq.m.

On the ground floor of the building there is an underground parking for 106 cars, as well as technical and auxiliary rooms for engineering services. Levels A and B have a front entrance with a large lobby that houses the elevator lobbies and porter service.

The central part of the floor is a circular courtyard (atrium) and a fountain. The first floor of “Petrovsky Fort” is a shopping and pedestrian area. Levels A and B housed: a beauty salon, a tanning studio, a hairdresser’s, a notary’s office, a copy center, an office furniture center, three restaurants, shops, and the Saint Petersburg Bank.

The top nine floors of Petrovsky Fort are occupied by an office center with a total area of ​​15,346 m2. Luxurious, open-plan offices of superior comfort are located on the 9th floor.

Construction: 2000-2001

Architects: Kislova S.V, Maslyakova E.K., Nikolskaya S.V., Starostina S.S.

Address: St. Petersburg, Finlyandsky prospect, 4A. Opening hours 9:00 – 18:00.

Near the center are the Sampsonievskiy Bridge, the ship-museum Aurora, the hotel “St. Petersburg” and the Nakhimov Naval School.

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