Sampsonievskiy Bridge in St. Petersburg

Sampsonievskiy Bridge (in the 19th century – Vyborgsky Bridge, in 1918-1993 – Svoboda Bridge) is a road metal drawbridge across the Bolshaya Nevka in St. Petersburg. It connects the right bank of the Neva and Petrogradsky Island, linking the Vyborgsky and Petrogradsky districts.

The modern bridge was built in 1955-1958 according to the project of Lengiproinzhproekt engineers V. V. Demchenko, B. B. Levin and architects L. A. Noskov and V. A. Grushke.

The length of the Sampsonievsky bridge is 193 m.

Near the bridge are the ship-museum Aurora, the hotel “St. Petersburg” and the Nakhimov Naval School.

Downstream is the Grenadier Bridge.

The nearest metro stations are Ploshad Lenina and Gorkovskaya.

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