St. Petersburg – a four-star hotel in the historical center

“St. Petersburg” (until 1991 – “Leningrad”) – a four-star hotel in the historical center of St. Petersburg, on the Vyborg side (Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2).

The first stage of the hotel – a twelve-story building on Pirogovskaya embankment was built in 1967-1970 according to the project (1961) of architects S. B. Speransky, V. E. Struzman and N. V. Kamensky (engineer E. M. Izrailev).

The hotel has 554 rooms, conference rooms, a concert hall, a view restaurant La Vue on the roof of the hotel, a panoramic restaurant “Bering” on the second floor and a beauty salon. SPA opened in 2020.

During the first 10 years of operation from 1970 to 1980, more than a million foreigners visited the hotel. For the first time in the Soviet Union, the hotel used the Western breakfast system – “buffet” and “continental breakfast”.

The hotel has a concert hall. For its exterior design in 1984, the mosaic panel “Hymn to the City” was used, depicting a row of golden “caryatids” on an alarming deep blue background. Artists: S. N. Repin, V. V. Sukhov, I. G. Uralov, N. P. Fomin. Architects S. B. Speransky, V. E. Struzman. Mosaic set – mosaic workshop of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. In the same year, the foyer of the concert hall was decorated with three paintings.

In 1986, the Leningrad Hotel hosted the second part of the world championship match between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. In 2006, the II meeting of finance ministers of the G8 countries (within the framework of the G8 summit) took place here.

Address: 194044, St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2.
Metro: Lenina Square

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