The number of visitors to Andorra this summer has grown by 6% compared to the summer of 2016

The number of visitors to Andorra (Pyrenees) this summer has grown by 6% compared to the summer of 2016. In particular, only Andorra la Vella for 3 summer months was visited by 81683 people (6.22% more than in 2016).

The maximum number of visitors was recorded in August (38,149 people compared to 36,292 visitors last year). In June, the principality was visited by 14157 (against 12976 visitors in 2016), in July – 29377 people (against 27627 in 2016).

The growth of visitors was primarily due to cultural and sports events such as Jambo Street Music (in June), the Scalada Stelar del Cirque du Soleil show (in July), Andorra Ultratrail, Andorra Outdoor Games and Vuelta a España stage.

The majority of visitors are Spaniards, second place – the French, then descending – Germans, Belgians and English.

Excursions around Andorra were attended by 1100 people.

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