New animal welfare regulations in Andorra

The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability of Andorra (Pyrenees), Silvia Calvó, together with the director of the Department of Agriculture, Josep Casals, yesterday presented the new Regulation on the technical conditions of welfare and safety at pet refuges. The new text strengthens all security elements to ensure that the animals treatment is respectful and committed to the principles and values by which the welfare of pets should be governed.

In Andorra there are currently more than 150 pet pounds throughout the territory. Although most comply with the established requirements, some of them have been implemented without the necessary administrative authorizations and have inadequate conditions for keeping animals. This has been confirmed by inspections carried out over the past year. These controls will continue with a full-time inspector to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

The new regulation strengthens the current regulatory framework, specifying conditions that must be met by all centres for the temporary or permanent reception of domestic animals and in particular dogs and cats.

All centres must have a protection perimeter and facilities designed to the needs of the animals, so that they can be protected from inclement weather and have enough space to move around. With regard to animal welfare, it is also stipulated that the animals receive sufficient and adequate food daily, that they have access to drinking water and that the facilities receive hygienic maintenance.

In the case of cats, the regulations require that they be neutered.

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