Muzeon Art Park

Muzeon Art Park is an open-air sculpture museum in Moscow, the largest in Russia. There are 656 works installed in the park.

The Museon collection includes monuments to leaders from the 1930s-50s, monuments from the era of socialist realism and busts of the Heroes of Socialist Labor, as well as works by avant-garde sculptors.

They are located along the alley and on the lawns, access to which is not limited: museum visitors freely walk among the sculptures, touch them and take pictures.

The Park of Arts is in the lower part of the floodplain of the Moskva River. The Krymsky Val (Garden Ring), the Krymskaya embankment of the Moskva River and Maronovsky Lane, limits it.

In October 2015, the Park of Arts became integral to Gorky Park.

Among the most famous exhibits is a monument to Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Felix Dzerzhinsky and the work of sculptors Evgeny Vuchetich, Sergei Merkurov, Vera Mukhina, Yuri Orekhov, Zinovy Vilensky.

In 2021, more than 2.5 million people visited Museon Park.

The park hosts photo exhibitions of various genres and scales.

Paintings, engravings and other works by contemporary artists are sold on the Krymskaya embankment.

The New Tretyakov Gallery is the second building of the Tretyakov Gallery, located in Muzeon Park.

It was built in 1983 according to the project of architects Yuri Sheverdyaev and Nikolai Sukoyan in the style of Soviet modernism.

Nearest metro: Park Kultury (Ring), Oktyabrskaya, Kropotkinskaya

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