Iron route in Ordino

Iron route in Ordino

Iron Route in Ordino in Andorra (Pyrenees)—invites the tourists to rediscover iron stone deposits, to get to know about the peculiarities of its excavation, recycling and the production of iron in the period from the XVII to XIX centuries. The obligatory place to attend is Rossel blacksmith shop. It used to work from 1842 till 1876, being a real competitor of Spain in the production of forged iron goods. Here one may find the tups and other tools, used by blacksmiths.

Llorts iron stone mine is one more interesting touristic sight of this route that tells the story of iron stone exploitation and excavations. 30-meter deep mine is available for tours.

Visitors may also have a walk over the straight road of the Men of Iron that leads from the blacksmith shop and that was used by our ancestors for the transporting of iron from the deposits. On the way one may find 9 sculptures – the monuments in the open air that symbolize the work of miners and blacksmiths. All that is located in the picturesque site at the foot of the Pyrenees.

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