Espot ski resort will host the Catalan Ski Mountaineering Championship

Catalonia (Spain) already has a good track record in relays, with the Catalan team winning the bronze medal at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne.

Among the contenders for the victory is Jordi Alís (Cerdanya Skimo Team). Other favorites are Nil Cardona (SC Camprodon), Aleix Domènec (CE Olot), Arnau Cases (EEC Valls d’Àneu) as well as Pere Rullan (La Molina Sports Club).

In the women’s category, the favorites are Anna Figuera (Espot Esquí Club Valls d’Àneu), Sílvia Puigarnau (AE Matxacuca) and Clàudia Sabata (CE Berguedà).

The race will take place this weekend over a distance of 3.5 km with 750 meters of elevation gain, reaching a height of 2300 in the radius of the Espot ski station in the Pyrenees.

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