Chicherin House in Saint Petersburg

Chicherin House is a historical landmark building located at Nevsky Prospekt 15 (between Bolshaya Morskaya Street and Moyka River embankment, Green bridge) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is also known as Kosikovsky House and Barrikada cinema theater.

The building was one of the first examples of early classicism. The architectural feature of the house is a two-tier colonnade, imitating the colonnades on the facades of the Winter Palace, the lower tier is of the Tuscan order, the upper one is of the composite order. At the end of the XIX century many outbuildings were built.

In 1858 the property was acquired by the Elisseeff brothers – two sons of the merchant Elisseeff – the founder of the Elisseeff Trading House. From 1858 to 1870 the building was reconstructed under the project of Nikolai Grebenka.

Nearest metro: Gostiny Dvor station.

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