Eliseyev Emporium and St. Petersburg Academic Comedy Theater

The House of the Eliseev (Elisseeff) Brothers Trading Association (Eliseevsky Store) is a building on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt (house 56) and Malaya Sadovaya Street (house 8) in St. Petersburg, an early modern architectural monument.

The house was built in 1902-1903 by the architect Gavriil Vasilievich Baranovsky for the colonial goods store of the Eliseev Brothers trading partnership. The building stands out against the backdrop of the classical architecture of Nevsky Prospekt with its stained-glass windows, sculptures and luxury finishes.

The style of the building was intended to show the wealth of camaraderie and attract the attention of potential buyers. The stained-glass window on the Neva side of the building, covering several floors, gives the impression of one huge showcase. Four sculptures by A. G. Adamson “Industry”, “Trade”, “Art” and “Science” are installed on the facade.

The St. Petersburg Academic Comedy Theater named after N. P. Akimov is an academic theater that gained fame and flourished under the leadership of Nikolai Pavlovich Akimov. Located of the 2d floor of the Eliseyev Emporium.

The official date of foundation is October 1, 1929. It has had its current name since 1989.


From 10:00 to 20:00

Advance ticket sales until 18:00

From 18:00 to 19:00 ticket sales only for today’s show

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