Antoni Martí meets the ambassador of the European Union in Andorra, Rupert Schlegelmich

photo: Govern

The head of the Government of Andorra, Antoni Martí Petit, met, on Monday, the ambassador of the European Union in Andorra, Rupert Schlegelmich, who was visiting Andorra for the presentation of credentials in front of the episcopal co-prince, Joan Enric Vives. Martí informed the ambassador that Andorra will continue to work for the rest of the legislature with the European negotiators to explain the specificities of the country, in order to negotiate the remaining freedoms.

During the meeting, the head of government wanted to thank Schlegelmich, who had already come to Andorra (Pyrenees) last June accompanying the executive director for Europe and Central Asia of the European Service for Foreign Action, Thomas Mayr Harting, for the sensitivity shown by the EU in the negotiation on the free movement of goods.

The EU ambassador has also met with Foreign Minister, Maria Ubach.

The FM, Jordi Cinca, accompanied by the Secretary of State for International Financial Affairs, Clàudia Cornella, stated with Rupert Schlegelmich that the economic and fiscal transformation carried out by Andorra during the last years has to culminate with the association agreement.

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