Andorran families will be able to adopt children from Ecuador

Andorran families will be able to adopt children from Ecuador

The Andorran Government, through the Ministry of Justice, Social and Internal Affairs, has signed an administrative agreement with the Ministry of Economic and Social Security of the Government of Ecuador regarding the possibility of adopting Ecuadorian children by Andorran families.

“The characteristics of international adoption in Ecuador comply with the Andorran laws so it was decided to add this country to the list of countries with which the adoption agreement is in force,” the Andorran government said in its newsletter.

Ecuador agrees to the adoption of children by married couples as well as by couples living in a civil marriage and single people. The minimum age of the children to be adopted is 5 years old however, for families with one parent it will be from 6 years old. The average waiting time is about two years.

Ecuador and Andorra have agreed to cooperate in the field of monitoring international adoptions, share experiences, cooperate in the field of education and share educational materials.

Andorra is also currently cooperating in matters of international adoption with countries such as the Philippines, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Colombia and Brazil.

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