Analysis of the soft loan program was endorsed by the Government of Andorra

The first soft loan package has now been closed and work is already underway on a second € 100m package that will be launched in the coming days.

This second line of credit will take into account ERTOS and companies that are making improvements to their businesses to adapt their space to the new measures decreed by Covid-19. Companies that have obtained a soft loan in the first program will be able to apply for another in this second line of guarantees.

As for the balance of the first program, the Government has received 1,502 applications (22 are still pending study), 953 for companies and 549 for self-employed. A total of 1,317 applications were approved, benefiting 14,909 employees

The government has awarded €125 million of the €371 million requested. Most of the companies that have taken part in this first program correspond to the trade, hospitality and construction sectors, which have received 70% of the total granted.

This €125 million represents 4.9% of GDP.

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