The total amount for grants under the program Renova amounted to 1,350,000 euros in 2016

silvia-calvoThe program of the Government of Andorra Renova got in 2016 by 17% more applications than in 2015, reported Minister of the Environment Silvia Calvó at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on 28th December.

The total number of applications – 230, 16% of this number of applications were filed in the last week of December, and 33% – in December.

Renova program provides grants to help with the improvement of national parks of Andorra (Pyrenees), funding for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the use of renewable energy sources. Grants are also designed to work on improving industrial safety facilities, and improvement of building facades.

The total amount for grants exceeded EUR 1 million, provided by the budget of the Ministry for allocation of grants under the program Renova, and amounted to 1,350,000 euros. Decision on the financing of each project listed in the applications will be taken individually.

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