The new temporary exhibition Scientific Photography takes place in Andorra

The new temporary exhibition Scientific Photography takes place in Andorra (Pyrenees) (the Tobacco Museum, San Julia de Loria). Scientific photography is a fundamental tool for the advancement of science, industry and education.

Science, in almost all its branches, advances on the basis of visual observations. Scientific photography has a dual function: on the one hand, to illustrate and fix these observations and, on the other hand, to record many phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye, either because they are very small ( microscopy), have very little light (deep-sky astrophotography), an extreme speed or slowness (high speed photography and time-lapse ), or because our eyesight does not detect any type of radiation (Rx, UV, IR, thermography …).

Scientific photography is not a specialty, but a complex set of photographic techniques that embrace more than thirty branches, of which sixteen are presented here in the hands of Lu Is Monje, a biologist and one of the few scientific photographers in the world who have dedicated most of their life to studying, practicing and disseminating these techniques; he is one of the pioneers in Spain in several of these techniques.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9h – 18.30h.

Saturdays from 10h – 20h and Sundays from 10h – 14.30h

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