Repsol and Vueling join forces with the Malaga Film Festival to arrange a film-themed flight

Repsol and Vueling have operated a special flight in Spain between Barcelona (Catalonia) and Malaga (Andalusia), coinciding with the beginning of the Malaga Film Festival, which also participated in this action. The multi-energy company, a leader in Spain in the manufacture of renewable fuels, and the reference airline belonging to the IAG Group have collaborated to supply an amount of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) equivalent to 50% of the consumption of the flight.

In addition, the journey was made with a latest-generation Airbus A320neo aircraft, which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 20% compared to previous generation aircrafts.

The initiative reflects the commitment of both companies to the reduction of emissions from the aviation sector and their commitment to SAF, a fuel that produces up to 80% lower CO2 emissions over its life cycle, compared to traditional aviation fuel.

In addition, the passengers were able to enjoy the screening of “Dear Angela”, in the presence of members of the cast. The short film, which participates in the Animation Short Film section at the 27th Malaga FilmFestival, is directed by Paco Sáez and features the voices of Spanish actors Emma Suárez and Nicolás Coronado, among others.

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