The first institutional appointment of the ISMF Management Committee to discuss the new organisational and sporting strategies for the next year will be held in Barcelona

After a season full of excitement and weather related tribulations, the International Ski Mountaineering Federation is already working with an even more promising season that will see the World Championships in March 2019 on the location of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games at Lausanne.

Armando Mariotta, the ISMF President, has declared: “we express our gratitude towards the Villars Organizational Committee for all of their support in this preparatory period looking towards the Youth Olympic Games. The collaboration with the Committee in this phase is fundamental guarantee the entrance of Ski Mountaineering in the Olympic programme”.

The first institutional appointment will be held in May, in Barcelona (Spain), where the ISMF Management Committee will convene to discuss the past season and to analyze the new organisational and sporting strategies to be put in place next year. Then, the ISMF Plenary Assembly will be held on June 16th in Zakopane (Poland), where all the National Federations will convene in order to adopt the strategies to be implemented the following season. A special session of the workshop to be held Friday afternoon will be dedicated to youth initiatives, to activities of communication of the Federation, and to the Olympic programme. We hope to be able to count on the strong participation of our National Federations.