The Cadi Circuit mountain races have just completed ten years of activity and to celebrate it

The Cadi Circuit mountain races have just completed ten years of activity and to celebrate it, on the 2nd of November at 16:00 the hall of Saint Domènc of La Seu d’Urgell, will present and show the documentary: United by the mountains, under the direction of the Urgell reporter, Eva Clausó. The awards ceremony of the season that began last March with the Return to Peramola will also be on the same day.

According to the president of the Union Excursionista Urgell, Xavier Escriba, “with the documentary, we wanted to give a different view of the mountain races which we are not accustomed to, where you mix the life in the villages and the experience of the brokers, all with one common denominator: the mountains”.

The journalist, Eva Clausó, who directs and presents the program Tattooed by the Pyrenees on Channel 33 – is in charge of filming some of the racing from the Circuit to Do throughout the summer and talks with the residents of several towns, such as Aristot, Bescaran, Noves de Segre, Organyà …. They are testimonies to the passage of time in these villages and show that the mountains are the nexus of different generations and a way of understanding nature. For Eva Clausó, United to the mountains “is a tribute to all those who see new horizons and no limits to the mountains, either with sneakers, sandals or boots”.

The Cadi Circuit Do has become a famous event in the calendar of mountain races all over Catalonia. This year it has hosted a total of eleven races that have gone to different villages of the Alt Urgell -Noves de Segre, Aristot, Organyà, Bescaran…- This circuit is also characterized by the union between the counties with the classic Marathon of Boumort in Pallars Jussà, in addition to crossing the border to Andorra, with the cross-border, that was the last of the racing Circuit to Do.

The peculiarity of some of the races such as the Arruix Organyà, where the race ends inside a chapel, Sant Quiri in Noves de Segre, where it is just touching the esquetlla with spectacular views from different points in the Alt Urgell, Andorra and Pallars, make the Circuit unique and special, has added Escriba.

The documentary has the support of the CADI, the Safety, the City of La Seu d’Urgell and the Institute for the Development and Promotion of Alt Pirineu and Aran (IDAPA).

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