Since 2011, the Renova program provided more than 62 million euros of investment in the country’s economy to promote energy efficiency

Since 2011, the Renova program provided more than 62 million euros of investment in the country's economy to promote energy efficiency

The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability of Andorra (Pyrenees), Silvia Calvó, presented the 2020 edition of the Renova program, which once again aims to promote the energy efficiency of buildings and the use of renewable energy.

The program, which has been in operation since 2011, has collected 1,641 applications for aid with a total grant award of 11,476,660.68 euros, so far. Since the program was launch, it had an economic impact of 62,232,684.54 euros.

With the aim of constant improvement, this year several innovations were introduced, including the application of the building’s energy efficiency. There is a 40% subsidy for registration of a home, either using the certification or label methodology, provided that the registration is linked to improvement on the property.

Other improvements introduced this year include an additional subsidy of 10% for improvements made to rental housing, administrative simplification of the application, as well as simplification of the criteria for aid approval.

Thus, the aid for the beautification of facades, courtyards, and roofs of existing buildings is 5%; it can go from 10% to 40% for the improvement of energy efficiency; and for the implementation of renewable energies, the subsidy can go from 15 to 40%, especially for the solar and photovoltaic energy. This year’s application will be open until November 20 or until the budget is exhausted, with a budget allocation of € 1,215,318 for direct grants.

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