Saint-Scholastique Abbey (Abbaye Sainte-Scholastique), whose construction began in 1890 with the monastery and was completed in 1923 with the consecration of the church, is located in the commune of Dourgne, in the Tarn department of the Occitania region (France). It is dedicated to Saint Scolastica, sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia.

The neo-classical Romanesque church houses a community of Benedictine nuns. It is located on the Santiago route to Santiago de Compostela, and as such offers accommodation for pilgrims.

Saint-Benoît d’En Calcat Abbey is located nearby.

How to get to?

From Paris: 8 hr 17 min (714 km) via A20

From Toulouse: 1 hr 10 min (74.3 km) via N126

From Andorra: 3 hr 7 min (206 km) via N20

From Barcelona: 4 hr 5 min (378 km) via AP-7

From Madrid: 9 hr 8 min (787 km) via A-2

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