EP2D: Russian intercity electric multiple unit train

EP2D-0021 in Moscow

EP2D (Electric train suburban, 2nd type, Demikhovsky) is a DC electric train manufactured by the Demikhovo Machinebuilding Plant (DMZ), which is part of Transmashholding CJSC (TMH). It is a further development of the ED4M series of electric trains.

The electric train was created as a successor to the ED4M electric trains of 500 numbers in accordance with the new safety requirements in the countries of the Customs Union according to the terms of reference of OJSC Central Suburban Passenger Company (TsPPK) and is intended for passenger transportation on sections with a track gauge of 1520 mm, electrified with direct current a voltage of 3000 V.

EP2D-0028Moscow railway system

A little later, an EP3D AC electric train similar in design to the mechanical part was created (based on ED9E numbers 0028-0032), and in the future, based on the EP2D and EP3D electric trains, the possibility of creating diesel-electric trains is being considered.

The development of the train was started by the Demikhov plant in mid-2015. When designing the electric train, new requirements of the countries of the Customs Union were taken into account, according to which, in particular, all passenger multiple unit trains produced after August 2016 must be equipped with a passenger crash safety system.

Also, for the new electric train, the concept of motor head cars was developed to enable the formation of short two- and three-car trains.

Demikhovo Machinebuilding Plant or Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ) is a Russian open joint-stock company that makes trains. It has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour.

The company became part of Transmashholding in accordance with the Decree of the Governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov of 20 July 2001, submitted to the departmental submission to the Committee on Transport, Moscow region.

Since its inception in May 1935, the profile of Demikhov changed several times. There were activities in chemical engineering and the peat industry. But since 1992, the main products manufactured are electric multiple unit trains on 3000 V DC and 25 kV VAC at 50 Hz.

During its life, Demikhov has produced seventeen different types of trains and produced over 3,000 examples, operated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In 2006 Demikhovsky produced and sold 571 trains of types ED4M, ED9M, and ED4MK). Various spare parts sold for nearly $40 million. In 2006 the company presented its new development, the ED4MKM.

In 2007 Demikhovsky produced and sold 630 electric trains of types ED4M, ED9M, and ED9MK.

In 2008 the electric intermodal passenger transport train ED4MKM-AERO was certified.

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