FMR Tg500

The FMR Tg500 was a sports car built by Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Regensburg (FMR) from 1958 to 1961. Based on the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller monocoque, which otherwise was a platform for three-wheelers, the Tg500 was a four-wheeled car with a two-stroke straight-two engine. FMR had taken over production of the KR200 from Messerschmitt in 1956. While the KR200 still used the Messerschmitt name and logo, the Tg500 was badged as an FMR.

“Tg” unofficially stood for Tiger. The “Tiger” name was claimed in Germany by Krupp, who used it on one of their trucks. There was also a Panhard Dyna Z Tiger at the same time.

The Tg500 incorporated several features from the Kabinenroller platform on which it was based, including the narrow body with tandem seating, the transparent acrylic bubble canopy, the low stance, and the direct steering.

The narrow body, and corresponding low frontal area, was achieved with tandem seating, which also allowed the body to taper like an aircraft fuselage, within a practical length. The tandem seating also centralized the mass of the car along the longitudinal axis which, combined with the low center of gravity, low weight, and wheel placement at the vehicle’s extremes, gave the Tg500 good handling characteristics. A more minor advantage of tandem seating was that it made a mirrored export version to countries that drive on the left superfluous.

The center of gravity of the car was at the rear seat, which meant that the presence or absence of a passenger did not change the handling characteristics of the car.

Except for the Sports Roadster model, entry to the Tg500 was through a canopy door hinged on the right side of the vehicle. The door included both the windows (windshield, window frames on all but the Roadster models, folding top on Roadster and Kabrio models, and acrylic bubble on other versions) and the frame in which it was set, extending from the right side of the monocoque tub to the left. On Sport Roadster models, the canopy was fixed and there was neither a top nor any windows at all, only a tonneau cover. The bubble top on the Tg500 was the same as the one used on the KR200.

Assembly: Regensburg (Germany)

Years: 1958—1961

Production: 320 units

Length: 2997 mm (118.1 in)

Width: 1270 m (50 in)

Height: 1247 m (49 in)

Engine: 2 cylinders; 493 cc

Power: 20 HP

Max speed: 120 km/h

Weight: 389 kg

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