Rizhsky Railway Station

Rizhsky Railway Station (until 1930 – Vindavsky, until the mid-1930s – Baltiysky, until 1948 – Rzhevsky) – the passenger terminal of the Moscow-Rizhskaya station. One of the ten railway stations in Moscow, located on Rizhskaya Square, at the intersection of Prospekt Mira and Suschevsky Val Street.

From March 1 until the fall of 2023, the station is closed for boarding and disembarking passengers due to the construction of a transport hub and the modernization of the station building.

Two platform tracks (No. 1, 2) next to two low passenger platforms near the passenger building serve long-distance trains to Riga, Velikiye Luki, and Pskov. But then the cancellation of long-distance traffic was postponed to the beginning of May, and from the beginning of July the tracks were used for suburban traffic, for which a temporary wooden platform was built and validators were installed. With the abolition of the reverse traffic on the section Moscow-Kalanchevskaya – Kursk Station, it was no longer used by commuter trains, the prospects for its use in the future are unknown. At the end of February 2021, it is planned to stop the movement of long-distance trains from the Rizhsky railway station.

Two more apron tracks (No. 3, 4) are located near a high platform and serve as part of the commuter trains of the Riga direction of the Moscow Railways. The Museum of the History of Railway Transport previously occupied the four tracks between the platforms.

The station’s building in the Russian style was built in 1897-1901 according to the project of the St. Petersburg architect S. A. Brzhozovsky as part of the construction of the Moscow-Vindava railway line.

The construction of the station was conducted under the guidance of architect F. O. Dvorzhetsky-Bogdanovich.

Interconnection: Metro Rizhskaya (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line), Metro Rizhskaya (Big Circle Line).

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