Endesa X Way already has more than 200 charging stations operating in a hundred McDonald’s restaurants

The collaboration of Endesa X Way, Endesa’s new business line dedicated exclusively to electric mobility and McDonald’s continues to give results. Joint commitment to sustainability and the promotion of electric mobility enables the deployment of an electric vehicle charging network that already has 276 charging stations installed in the car parks of a hundred McDonald’s restaurants throughout Spain.

Of these, 216 charging stations are already fully operational and the rest are waiting for all the permit and administrative authorisations processes to be completed to start receiving energy and thus be able to put themselves at the service of the public. And this year chargers will continue to be added in new establishments.

Most of the Endesa X Way charging network at McDonald’s is fast (50 kW), which enables 80% of the battery to be recharged in about 25/30 minutes, which is very consistent with the type of location, where customers spend a little more time on average while placing their orders or consuming inside the restaurants. But last year, Endesa X Way also started deploying high-power chargers (up to 150kW) and, today, about 20% of these stations have already been implemented and enable you to charge 80% of the vehicle’s battery in about 10-15 minutes.

Recharging for everyone

Precisely to promote electric mobility, Endesa X Way and McDonald’s are making these chargers available to all users as a public access service.

Any user can use the recharging service quickly and directly and pay for it either through the Endesa X Way App or if they are a registered customer using the Endesa X Way RFID card. Users only need to download the App on their mobile and they can use it to control the charger and their recharge session directly from their phone (start, end the session, pay and even book until up to 15 minutes in advance). The App also offers recharge tariffs adapted to all users, with monthly recharge tariffs, for the most intensive users, and pay-per-use, to pay only for what you recharge.

The Endesa X Way App is available for iOS and Android, it is completely free to download and users can register directly from their Facebook, Google and Apple profiles or by providing an e-mail account. The registration process to use the application is optional and you can always choose to use it without prior registration and pay directly by credit card, always through the App, although being a registered user of the App can provide access to cheaper recharge tariffs and more advanced features.

More infrastructure for Endesa X Way

The agreement with McDonald’s is one of hundreds that Endesa X Way has reached since 2018 to develop what is now the largest public charging network in Spain. Since the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development plan was launched at the end of 2018, it has not only become the largest network with more than 4,200 charging stations installed, but it is also the most powerful: 45% of chargers deliver more than 50 kW.

Endesa, S.A. is a Spanish multinational electric utility company, the largest in the country. The firm, a majority-owned subsidiary of the Italian utility company Enel, has 10 million customers in Spain, with domestic annual generation of over 97,600 GWh from nuclear, fossil-fueled, hydroelectric, and renewable resource power plants. Internationally, it serves another 10 million customers and provides over 80,100 GWh annually. Total customers numbered 22.2 million as of December 31, 2004. It also markets energy in Europe. The company has additional interests in Spanish natural gas and telecommunications companies. Headquarters: Madrid.

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