Cudillero and its attractions

Cudillero (Asturian: Cuideiru) is a city and a municipality in the community of Asturias, Spain.

Since 2021 the city has been a part of the network The most beautiful villages of Spain.

The Way of St. James, named The Northern Way (Camino de la Costa) passes through Cudillero.

The city is a popular part of the Costa Verde (Green Coast) of the Atlantic resorts of Spain.

Tourism and main attractions

The Chapel of the Humilladero: it is Gothic but renovated. It has an altarpiece from the 16th or 17th centuries.

The church of San Pedro: Gothic with a single nave, ribbed vault and semicircular apse. During the Civil War it was burned down and rebuilt. It has recently been renovated.

The church of San Martín de Luiña: from the 18th century, has a Latin cross plan with three naves. It has three baroque altarpieces.

The church of Santa María de Soto de Luiña: it is a Historic-Artistic Monument. It has baroque altarpieces from the 18th century, the largest dedicated to the Virgin of Humility that adapts to the shape of the apse.

The parsonage, next to the church, is a Historical Artistic Monument, with a rectangular floor plan and two floors of masonry with stone frames. Its cornice has triglyphs and metopes. The building was restored and was dedicated to a house of culture and a museum, where a varied collection of sculpture, sacred ornaments and goldsmiths are displayed.

La Quinta de Selgas palace: from the 19th century, currently open as a museum and managed by the Selgas-Fagalde Foundation; it receives some 24,000 visits a year. The villa is totally enclosed with two monumental gates; the main one to the south, with a triumphal arch with three lintelled openings, one with a door and the others on the sides, all latticework.

Its interior has been compared to a museum for the quality and quantity of all its furniture, with some important paintings such as the first known painting by Goya “Hannibal sees Italy from the Alps for the first time” (en espagnol : Aníbal vencedor contempla por primera vez Italia desde los Alpes), an Assumption of the Virgin of El Greco, examples by Luis de Morales, Luca Giordano.

Best beaches

L’Airín Beach. Length: 650 meters. Width: 40 meters. Environment: Cliff. Composition: Cobble fragments.

El Silencio / Gavieiro / Gavieiru Beach. Length: 450 meters. Width: 32 meters. Environment: Cliff. Composition: Cobble fragments.

El Castrillón Beach. Length: 300 meters. Width: 20 meters. Environment: Cliff. Composition: Cobble fragments.

El Castro / Caldeirina Beach. Length: 110 meters. Width: 15 meters. Environment: Cliff. Composition: Cobble fragments.

Best restaurants

There is one Michelin list restaurant in the city: El Pescador, El Pito, 30 – 70 EUR • Seafood

How to get to?


The FerrolGijón line passes through the municipality.

Distance by car:

From Oviedo 45 min (58.0 km) via A-8

From Madrid 5 hr (504 km) via A-6

Main information

Area: 100 km² (municipality)

Coordinates: 43°33′48″N 6°08′45″W

Population: 4968

Languages: Spanish, Asturian

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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