Central Museum of the Air Force in Monino

The Central Museum of the Air Force is one of the largest aviation museums in Europe, preserving the history of the creation and development of military aviation in Russia. It is a branch of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces. It is located in the village of Monino (53 km from Moscow to the east).

In 1956, the mixed aviation division at the Monino airfield, whose runway length of only 1300 m did not allow the use of promising types of aircraft, was disbanded, and its premises were transferred to organize a museum which was created on November 28, 1958.

Gradually, the exhibits were transferred to the museum, the organizers prepared the exposition for the opening, and it took place on February 23, 1960. When opening, the museum’s collection included operated and experimental aircraft and helicopters.

The museum has an extensive exposition of helicopters and aircraft, both civil and military, as well as weapons, tools, uniforms, and artwork. In 2020, the museum’s collection included more than 54 thousand exhibits, including 194 aircraft, 118 samples of aircraft engines, and 5152 pieces of equipment: propellers, aviation equipment and weapons. 90 museum items have a certificate of a monument of science and technology.

As of 2017, the museum has three main departments: scientific fund work, exposition work and educational work. The number of visitors to the museum is constantly increasing, including the military, students, workers, schoolchildren and other social categories. Every day the museum organizes excursions for everyone. Their frequent participants are foreign tourists. Visitors from more than 80 countries have already visited the museum.

Working hours: Wed-Sat 09:00–18:00; Sun 09:00–17:00.

Address: Moscow region, Monino settlement, st. Museum, 1.

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