New biometric passports planned to be implemented in Andorra by the end of January 2017

biometric passport


The Government of Andorra approved amendments to the regulations of the use of new security features of the passport of Andorran citizens, Andorra (Pyrenees).

In particular, the amendments concern the implementation of the international security system SAC (Supplemental Access Control), which implies a fingerprint scan of the passport holder.

The main page of the new passports with personal data and photo will also change and will include two additional safety elements – for visual control and monitoring with a special reading device.

Paper quality will be improved, which will allow better to save the document for 10 years.

Various printing methods used to play patterns and lines, colors and watermarks will also be an additional guarantee against counterfeiting.


photo: govern

Photos for passports will be asked to make in special cabins installed on the ground floor of the administrative building of the government, and in Andorran embassies in other countries.

Replacement process will be completed before the end of January 2017.

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