Mishina Mountain Belokurikha-2 ski resort

The ski and tubing slopes on Mount Mishina are part of the sports complex of the Belokurikha Gornaya resort, which also includes the Altai Mountains ski and biathlon complex. It is located near Belokurikha town (Altai Krai, Russia).

The height difference on the ski slope is 225 meters, and the slope is one kilometer. The route is designed for both amateurs and professionals. The rope tow is capable of lifting 1,200 people per hour to the top.

Until now, there have been no analogues to the complex at Belokurikha-2 Gornaya in the Altai Territory. The tracks are certified by the international federation FIS for sports competitions in the slalom discipline.


For the convenience of guests, the entire infrastructure has been prepared at the new complex – a warm cafe, a rental point, and a spacious parking lot. The ski complex at Belokurikha-2 Gornaya is positioned as a year-round complex: in the summer you can spend time in the gazebos, sunbathe on sun loungers, and take photographs of amazing mountain landscapes. There are well-maintained toilets on site.


Cable car ascent: 400 ₽/hour (working days) — 700 ₽/hour (weekend)

Cable car ascent: 1200 ₽/day (working days) — 2000 ₽/day (weekend)

Tubing track ascent: 400 ₽/hour (working days) — 400 ₽/hour (weekend)

Snowtubing (climbing + tubing rental): 600 ₽/hour (working days) — 700 ₽/hour (weekend)

Cross-country skiing: 400 ₽/hour (working days) — 400 ₽/hour (weekend)

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