Beast of dove


Beast of dove

One summer day, a sparrow saw a dove crying up in a high tree. He flew up to her and asked what had happened. The dove told him her sad story.

She was born slim and beautiful. Everybody had always admired her since her childhood. They said she was like an eagle with her elegant appearance and quick brain. She was cooing merrily surrounded with love and care and when the time came, she chose a calm ordinary pigeon to be her husband, built a nest with him and raised some chicks.

But soon she became bored with both the nest and the calm pigeon. She wanted to have adventures, new love, a more beautiful life and she left home.

Once, during the halt she met an old, kind pigeon who lived over the far mountain. He immediately fell in love with her with all his heart and it seemed to him that they felt good together. He was happy trying to do everything to make her dove a real eagle. His queen.

But she did not love her adorer. She did not need him but she needed his decorated nest.

Once, high in the sky, the dove saw a young majestic eagle, the leader of a big flock. She decided since for all her life she had been called an eagle too, that she was worthy of being his wife.

She knew how greatly the old pigeon loved her and was sure he had nowhere to go, but she locked him in a cage made of twigs of love and followed the young eagle. She was sure that this strong eagle would immediately fall in love with her at first sight.

She was flying after the eagle, touching his wings and was playing with them. But the old pigeon was waiting for her, stuck inside his cage, believing her words; her deceitful vows of love. He suffered and it seemed there would be no light in his life anymore. There would only be darkness, pain and sadness. When he had nearly lost all hope, a miracle came as a bright ray from the sun fell onto the invisible but very strong dungeon, lit it up and released him from the spell.

When the old pigeon was released, he began to see the world with a new set of eyes. He thought about the dove and was amazed by her meanness. With that thought in mind, he flew far away from her.

Meanwhile, she was flying further and further too. She was persistently trying to catch up with the young eagle, having no doubts that she would become a real eagle once she was with him. She, at last, caught up with him. But suddenly she realized that he wasn’t alone. He had his own beloved eagle by his side, that he wasn’t going to replace with anybody else.

Astonished, she quickly turned around and began to make her way home. However, neither the dungeon nor the suffering old pigeon would be waiting for her when she arrived.

So she stayed alone weeping bitterly, not for the old pigeon’s love but for having made an error.

The sparrow listened to the tale of the dove with her faded, formerly beautiful wings and said to her: Your world has cared for you. It knows what you need. Do not cry, everything will be alright!

Real love is not mean. It is a gift from heaven!

Flying beyond the mountains, the old pigeon met an ordinary kind-hearted dove that he had not noticed before being fond of the majestic dove. He started a new, happy life with her, and was very content after all the suffering he had gone through.

Everyone gets what they deserve. The lonely dove will be calm at some point, but unfortunately, she will always be the same. She will live deceiving her friends and family, bathing in the delight of people around her, and always seeking compliments. But her heart will stay dark and hollow. No sunlight will enter there. And it means happiness will never come.

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