The snow was falling quietly or the wise bear cub

The snow was falling quietly or the wise bear cub

The snow was falling quietly, wrapping a winter forest with white snowflakes. A bear cub was waddling through the forest and was rejoicing at every snowflake that touched him. He liked the snow. Suddenly he saw a dove, sitting on a branch and thoughtfully contemplating the white world.

He came up closer to the dove and asked what she was thinking about so hard.

-The flight of a snowflake is as short as our life, a short moment. What are we living for then?

The bear cub became thoughtful, scratched the back of his head, which always helped him to concentrate when it was a serious topic.

Then he said:

– But these snowflakes, even though each of them seems to weigh nothing, together they can break rotten branches. And by doing that, they make space for new young seedlings. Our good actions renew the world in the same way, accumulating, they break the rotten and the bad and make the world brighter. And even if we aren’t here for long, our deeds will remain and then in spring snowflakes will return to life as a transparent drop of rain. Who knows, maybe we will also remain in this world forever, only in some other form. That’s how!

He said it, surprised by his own words. Where have they come from, these thoughts? Then something flashed across his mind: “The knowledge and the wisdom have always lived among us, you must only listen to them…with your heart.”

The dove didn’t say anything in reply, only fluttered her wings thankfully and disappeared into the white snow. An instant later a remote echo repeated her words ”Be happy, bear cub!”

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