In a country far, far away, where white mountain tops touch the wonderful azure sky, there is an ancient legend about the power of the world that surrounds us, about our unity and about the integrity of all living things.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, among these wonderful mountains there lived a group of wizards and magicians. Every morning, birds descended from the rocks to talk to the wise people and the wizards took care of the birds.

Sometimes, at Christmas, Santa Claus visited them and spoke to them kindly, giving a magic sweet to everyone.

One day, at the entrance to the valley an army of wicked Valkyries flying on brooms and bringing death gathered. They didn’t want to bear the power of the good and decided to kill the wise people. They gathered all their dark powers together and decided to set to the next noon.

The wizards were not afraid, as they knew there was the supreme power, so they knew that destiny had already been determined.

In the morning, when the mountain river started tinkling with the sound of the water caressing the stones, the main wizard came to its bank and started playing the lyre. Its sound would destroy magic spells and curses and would make the world lighter and kinder. And the river rose with all its strength. Rising higher and higher, it began to flood the nearby land, it overflowed it’s banks onto the enemies, standing at the entrance to the valley, sweeping everything out of its way.

The wicked witches spotted the water coming towards them and tried to escape on their brooms, but the brooms lost their magic power due to the sound of the magic lyre. So, the dark army was buried under the waters of the wonderful, strong river Valira, that in the ancient language means ” valley” and ”lyra”.

It’s true that there is nothing more flexible and at the same time more powerful than the water, as there isn’t a better ally than the world’s harmony.

Since then, there have never been wars in that land and its kind and hospitable people have always lived in accordance with the world that once saved them from perishing.

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